Hawaiian Silky

A few posts ago I told you all that I had bought a couple new products. One of which being Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1. I must say that I REALLY love this product. It claims to moisturize hair, strengthen, define curls, soften, add shine, soothe dry scalp, reduce breakage for healthy braids, repair chemical damage, increase body and act as a thermal protectant. I got it at Sally's for $4.79 for a 16 Fl Oz bottle which isn't a bad price at all! The only reason this product even caught my eye is because of the previous reviews I had seen on youtube from youtuber DPrincess28 and she was NOT exaggerating. The product adds great slip and dries invisible. Although it comes in a spray bottle, it's about the consistency of a scented hand lotion from maybe Bath & Body Works.

Now I'm sure a lot of you can relate when I see it is EASY to become a product junkie when you're looking for that one product that just does EVERYTHING that you want but none seem to be able to stand up to the challenge. Well, I won't say that I've found my EVERYTHING in this product but it comes VERY close! My biggest issue used to be that I couldn't find a product that I could leave in my hair to define my curls and at the same time also leave them soft, touchable, and not STICKY! Hawaiian Silky has been all that to me and honestly, depending on the look I'm going for, it's all I need. However, it doesn't weight my hair down enough and my hair isn't long enough to weight itself down for the look that I've been doing lately so I go ahead and use my Olive Oil Eco Styler gel on top of it!

As far as the negatives, this product does have Mineral Oil listed as it's 4th ingredient which we all know isn't something that we want in our hair. I've been making sure I use a mild shampoo weekly to prevent product build up. Also, I use a sulfate shampoo about once a month to really cleanse my hair from any cones and other product build up. Since the weather outside has been pretty warm, frequent washes aren't an issue but once winter rolls back around, we'll see if/how I adjust my regimen to fit this product in. Other than that though, I am all smiles!

If you haven't been able to tell so far, Hawaiian Silky get a GIRL, YES! from me! I would highly recommend giving it a shot and at $4.79 a pop, what do you really have to lose?! Hope this helps someone! Here's a picture to help your in your search!


Length Check

I figure since I've successfully reached my first month as a natural diva that I should start doing length checks. Afterall, length is one of my ultimate goals. When I was a young girl my hair hit past my (training) bra strap and I was faaar from taking good care of it back then. Let's see how long I can grow it now that I'm armed with a plethora of knowledge and megatek! ^_^

So here's month one..I guess I'll give quarterly updates. That leaving my next length check set for July 19, 2010. Enjoy!
(for some reason it doesn't get bigger but i think you get the picture at this size)


My Hair, Everywhere!

Here are some shots of my hair 11 months post relaxer...it's actually 11 1/2 months but whatever. My last relaxer was April 29, 2009. :) slowly but surely my one year is creepin' up on us! These shots are great examples of how my texture can easily be transformed from silky LOOKIN' curls to poofy afro glory and back! I still don't know my hair type. I'll care more once it grows. For now, what you see is what you get...(depending upon the day :p) Enjoy the flix, and as always, click to enlarge!


1 Month Anniversary

Yesterday April 14, 2010 marked my FIRST month fully natural! I wore a wash-style-and-go! Why do I call it that? Well, because I washed it, styled it, and went! LOL I look at true wash-and-gos as being you literally washing or wetting your hair, popping a headband on and going on about your business. I, however, took the time to part my hair in small sections and apply Eco Styler gel in order to hold my curl pattern a little better. I discovered this look to work for me earlier this week on Sunday. Here's a picture to show you all. Hope you dig! :)



In my last entry I spoke of how I noticed a little bit of length and that maybe I was just trippin' since it's only been a month since my big chop. Well as I just sat here reading over my blog, checking for spelling/grammar errors and things of that nature, it hit me: MEGATEK! I've been using megatek about 3-4 times a week for the past 3 weeks! Now, the length probably isn't THAT noticeable to the eye but I definitely notice the weight and length increase while in the shower washing my hair. My regimen has been as follows:

Sunday: wash & part into small sections applying the megatek directly to the scalp

Fridays & Saturdays: these days I tend to do wash and go's at which time I try out different products and use a small amount of megatek on the actual strands of my hair.

The Week: I usually don't use megatek too much during the week but sometimes I'll add a bit to my edges in the mornings.


Checking In

"Your hair can actually be in a state of shock from the big chop alone!" -Nicole Simone

Hello all! Today is Monday April 12, 2010. I am two days away from my FIRST full month since big chopping on March 14, 2010! Yesterday when I was washing my hair I noticed that my hair felt a tad bit heavier and longer. Now, I could just be trippin' but I think that I've gotten a little bit of length! I've found myself getting a little length happy, daydreaming about what my hair will transform into over the next 11 months and what styles I'll be able to wear on my 1 year anniversary. While I know I haven't been blogging all too much lately, I've been having an absolute BLAST with my hair! I've been learning all types of new things as I play around with products and techniques. (Sidebar: I'm no longer in Product Jail. I feel as though I've recovered from my PJness and I've bought a few new products [but not in excess]. Reviews coming soon!) Part of the reason why my updates are so few and far in between is that my digital camera has officially died on me. That's right, I am without my lovely camera and it breaks my heart. No more stunning texture shots, etc. until I am able to buy a new camera.

On another note, I want to give this piece of advice to anyone who has recently big chopped or plans to big chop in the near future. If you've been following my blog, or at least read the last few updates, you'll know that my hair really had me on a roller coaster immediately after big chopping. My texture was bananas for the first week to week and a half. As I asked around trying to gain as much knowledge as possible on what I thought was my new 4b/c texture, I was informed that your hair can actually be in a state of shock from the big chop alone. My friend who had also very recently big chopped told me to just give my hair a few weeks to reveal it's true texture and in no time things would start to make a little sense. Now, that's not to say that 4b/c texture is a "bad" or "undesirable" texture to have, it's just that during my transition my hair appeared to be 3c/4a and I was simply confused. As I was saying, I immediately went to seek knowledge in order to find styles and other measures of care for the texture in order to fully embrace it. I say all that to say this: don't completely freak out if when you first big chop your hair is an unruly frizz ball. Do a couple deep treatments and most importantly give it time. Also keep in mind that as your hair grows, it's texture will eventually change and loosen as the hair's weight will pull it downward with the help of gravity.

I hope that this entry helps and keeps another head naturally beautiful. If you all have any direct questions please feel free to email me personally at DonnaJenay@aol.com. I am truly passionate about natural hair and helping other women understand the beauty that God has given us all. Nothing hurts me more than to hear a woman say "I just couldn't keep up with it". Ladies, it's really not that difficult. We're all ignorant to something...but if I can I would love to cure that ignorance with the knowledge that I've acquired on this journey.

Until next time, Happy Healthy Hair Growing!