Keep It Cute

So last night I did a fabulous wash-n-go and I want to come and share it with you all! As you all know, one of my favorite conditioners is Aussie Moist. I absolutely love the smell and its moisturizing effects! I stated in the last post that I would not be putting any heat on my hair until Christmas and so I of course had to wash my straight look away. I did a heavy duty co-wash with Aussie Moist (of course), rinsed completely and did another wash. My first intentions were to do a deep conditioning treatment by simply leaving the conditioner on for about 25 minutes but the fact that I was waiting on the pizza delivery guy kind of got in the way of that. I instead took my blow dryer and diffuser attatchment and diffused (dried) my hair that way. My curls were left very defined and rather cute if I do say so myself! I popped a headband on and made sure that before going to bed I slicked my front edges back with some Eco Styler gel and wrapped a scarf just around my edges. Just to make sure my edges came out smooth the next morning, I loosely tied a knee high stocking around my hair, the same way I do my puffs for some added tension. The next morning (this morning) my edges were like butter! Perfect! All I had to do was take the scarf and knee high off, pop a headband on and do a little 5 second fluffing and I was good to go! Pictures coming soon!


Starting Over

that's me on the left :)

There was sooo much that I was trying to remember to eventually put up for YGY but after this homecoming week, I am completely drained and my brain is simply not working! I did however want to come and update you all on a couple things that I DID remember! Well for one, last weekend I lightened my hair with a honey blonde hair lightener. As I expected, my new growth absolutely did not take...AT ALL! However, I've been getting nothing but compliments on it so I'm very pleased! My ends needed to be trimmed after the excessive heat that it's been enduring over the past couple of week so I'm about an inch shorter but I'm not even upset. I will, however be going on a no heat challenge starting NOW until Christmas! YUP! THAT'S RIGHT! I SAID IT! CHRISTMAS! That's two whole months from today. Hopefully I can go longer but I'm thinking I may want to straighten it for the holidays. We'll see. Anyway, I do have pictures! Hope you enjoy!


Afro Love

Hey there! I know it's been a while! Although I was trying out a new style while I was gone, my phone was broken and thus I was unable to take pictures for YGY. I really do apologize for this and I promise to recreate it and update you all as soon as possible. Until then, I'll do my best to describe it! I do have a couple pictures of my hair when it was straight but the camera on my replacement phone wasn't taking very good pictures of the style that I tried out while it was straightened. Basically what I did was made sure that my hair was bone straight and then bantu knotted it up. This created soft beach waves that fell throughout the day and created a soft alternative to the harsh straight look. I got a lot of compliments on it and I will definitely be returning to this style the next time I straighten. I've come to dislike how flat my hair looks straightened; the perm look. Doing bantu knots allowed for a nice alternative as well as made it easier to maintain my straight style with minimal heat! It was a win/win! Here's a pic of my hair straightened:

More recently, I experimented with my very first afro! Usually, if I'm wearing my natural texture (no gels or defining products) I'll wear it in a puff. This time I decided to be a little more daring. I wore my hair out with a little moisturizer and allowed my curls to fall where they may. Now, I won't lie, I didn't get any compliments on it but when I asked a few close friends what they thought, I got good feedback. Hopefully they weren't just trying to be nice! Here's a few shots for you to decide! The first are from me just being on campus and the last is from last night when I went out for my birthday celebration. I'll be 22 years old on Wednesday, October 13!