Goodbye...For Now!

I'm coming to you all to say goodbye....for now. I just don't have time for my blog anymore but I AM leaving it up for you all to use the information. Right now I'm trying to get my graphic design business off the ground and I just have too many other things to worry about. I apologize to my faithful readers but I just can't do it anymore. I hope you all understand. Please support me in my new graphic design business by visiting http://www.donnadesigns.viewbook.com to view my portfolio. If you have any requests, I can be reached via email at donnajenay@aol.com. I do not do websites!!

Love you always,
Sha'Donna. xoxo


Sea Salt Curl Enhancer (Review)

So as promised, I tried the sea salt curl enhancer! I filled my spray bottle up and added about a half teaspoon of sea salt and shook it up. I spritzed my hair and scrunched the solution into it and allowed my hair to air dry. The results? Blehh. Not really my style. My curls were most definitely enhanced, though! I would describe the sea salt water as a curl tightener, if anything. I could see how someone with wavy hair would gush over the results but I'm pretty content with the diameter of my coils.

In other news, I have a mini twist set in that I plan to keep for about 3 weeks. Last time I had them in I don't even think I informed you guys but a couple things have changed! For one, they've grown a little bit and I'm a lot more comfortable wearing them down as opposed to my usual frontal flat twists. Also, I've started wearing them in different styles. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures to show to you guys over the next few weeks! As far as care goes, I spritz them with pure water before leaving the house. Sometimes I add a little leave in and seal with coconut oil for added moisture. Even though these twists are very low maintenance, I don't want to neglect my hair's basic need for moisture. If you're also wearing a twist set, or plan to in the future, be sure to give your hair the same amount of TLC as you would normally. And as always, Happy Health Hair Growing!