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Doin' It Up

After putting SO much heat on my hair, I thought it deserved not only a break but a protective style. A protective style is basically any style that keeps your ends, which is the oldest and most fragile part of your hair strands, protected from the elements and/or your clothing. Here's something I just threw together. Want a tutorial? Let me know!


Product Review: Sabino Moisture Block (Take Two)

As promised, I did not give up on the breakthrough product Sabino Moisture Block who's inventors claim to have made a product that makes your hair virtually waterproof! Last Tuesday, as you all know, I straightened my hair just to see how it would look with my new color. The following day I decided to give Sabino another try. Just as a recap, the last time I used this product, I used it on wet hair just before blowdrying which in comparison to this go 'round was a complete disaster! My hair felt heavy, sticky and untouchable; not good! So I had given it quite a bit of thought about what may have gone wrong in my execution and I decided to try something a little different.

Getting my hair straight has never, ever been an issue on my natural hair. It's always been keeping it straight that posed such an issue. So this time, instead of using sabino to get my hair straight, I used it to keep my hair straight! After a day of being straight, I parted my hair in the same small sections that I parted them in to initially get my hair straightened and smoothed very, very....very small amounts of the Sabino onto each section before using my flat iron to press the product into my strands as described on the video posted below. My hair didn't feel heavy or sticky. It was just like using a heat protectant serum! I wasn't too eager to jump straight into the steam test like the women on the video and instead, opted to just let nature take it's course (if she saw fit). Well, I can honestly say that I am officially a believer and would recommend this product to any and every woman who hates having her hair puff up in public or just in general! It's been FIVE days since I used Sabino Moisture Block and my hair hasn't even considered reverting! I've been out and about, in the humidity and even done some household cleaning, and nothing! The most accurate way to describe the way my hair feels is that feeling when you know your roots are starting to grow in from your last relaxer and maybe you need a slight touch up. But that is to be expected since my roots were the only part that I wasn't able to thoroughly use the product on. This product is AMAZING! I found it online for a reasonable price and I urge you all to click this link and buy this product immediately! No, seriously...I'm not kidding, click the link! Now! Go!

And as always, Happy Healthy Hair Growing!



Hello there! And welcome back! Today I'm coming to you all with an official review of a product that I've been name dropping on in a couple posts. Well it's been a few months and I feel that I can now, officially say that this is my absolute favorite conditioner! What conditioner might that be, you ask? Why none other than Aussie Moist of course!
I absolutely adore the way this conditioner feels in my hair and makes finger detangling abreeze! The product's claims written on the bottle are as follows: "moist conditioner, with splashes of natural Aloe, replenishes natural moisture for healthy locks worth gushing about". And if that isn't enough to have you bolting for the nearest drug store, the smell and price are both AMAZING! I can't fully explain the smell but it just smells light, fresh and creamy if that makes ANY sense to ANY one other than myself! LOL. A 13.5 FLOZ bottle costs about $3.99 from a drugstore such as CVS. Now of course, there are pros and cons to everything. Aussie moist does contain cones, which as we know are great for adding slip to the hair but cannot be removed with just another co-wash. However, adding baking soda to your favorite conditioner/sulfate free shampoo can get them right out! Aussie Moist get a Girl, YES from me! Even with it's flaws, I love it "Unconditionally".

Until next time loves, Happy Healthy Hair Growing!


Length Check (Updated)

As we know, I had to cut away my poor frazzled ends after a mishap with a blow dryer and a brush. *tear, tear* Well, that was about three weeks ago and here I am with an official length update. You all may remember that I said I didn't have to cut much off the front so that part is cool. It's funny, even though my hair is straightened out I still had to pull it because of how ridiculously tight I bump my hair under. (Sidenote: I'm thinking of going lighter with my hair color in about a month or so. What do you guys think? Drop a comment and let me know!)


Give It To Me Straight

Excited like a child with a new toy, I wanted to see how my usual styles looked with my new color. I tried my usual twists in the front with my curly fro in the back, my pony puff and of course my wash-style-and-go with a head band. The only thing left to wonder about was how my color would look on straightened hair. It's a known fact that hair tends to look darker when it's wet so yesterday I straightened my hair out using all of my wonderful heat protectants and this is what I got...

Also, because hair dye destroys the elasticity of hair strands, I am making sure to keep my hair moisturized now that it's straight. When I wear my curly styles, the daily H2O handles that part but now that it's straight, I have to be extra careful. I think I'm doing a pretty good job with it. I've see maybe 10-15 broken strands since I've dyed my hair. Could be better, but not bad at all.


Color Me Spontaneous

Spontaneous as hell! So yesterday after I finished blogging, I looked up natural hair salons in the downtown Newark area and came across Cynthia's Natural Hair Salon. I called her up, got a price and was SOLD! At first I just want highlights which ran me $35. Not bad right? Well, after getting back to my internship a few blocks over and fully examining my new streaks, I decided that I wanted the color all over. I gave Cynthia a call back and she agreed to do my whole head for just $30 more. Now, I don't do hair salons but I think $65 for a dye job is pretty reasonable.....I guess. Well anyway...here are the pictures. First of my hair before going into the shop, before and after the streaks, and then finally the finished product. Today was a really gloomy day so later on I'll have better pics to show you all the color. It's Strawberry Blonde...check me out, right? LOL

As far as the salon itself goes, I'd give it a 6/10 and that's lieniant! It wasn't the cleanest, flies everywhere and not easy to find at all. However, Cynthia is one of the nicest stylists I've ever had to deal with. She was very sweet and helpful, not to mention QUICK! I would definitely go back. But that's just me, I can't say that I would rush you all to go check it out while in the area though. I'm from Newark, we're kind of rough around the edges but I've been to much, much nicer places still. I guess customer service is this shop's saving grace!


Day T-H-R-E-E

Hey guys! Here with a quick shot of my hair three days after doing my wash-style-and-go with olive oil eco styler gel. In case you didn't read the post from yesterday, I've been keeping this style by simply tying it up at night with a satin scarf (though a satin bonnet would probably be better) and simply taking my hand under the faucet to gently press water into it in the mornings and finishing off with one fierce SHAKE! Check me out! Also, peep my favorite headphones. I was jammin out to Free by Bilal. Amazing song! Check that out too on youtube by clicking here! And in case you're really feeling the song, that particular upload includes a download link in the info box!



Hey guys, just a little FYI, I do have a fotki account that I update with pictures and whatnot. It's a great place to visually follow my journey without having to search for pictures on the blog. Check it out by clicking here!


"but it's just the principal of it all!" -DJ

There is much to be discussed! Hello all, I'm back with a few updates as well as a product review. First off let me start by saying that my hair has been going through it. As you all may or may not know, I've been on a growth challenge until March 14, 2011 which would be the one year mark since my big chop that I did in March of this year. This was to include a specific regimen of deep conditioning, low heat and low manipulation styles but above all NO SCISSORS! Well let me tell you, all that went straight out the window! Last night was the first time in a good month that I was able to find the time and energy to do a baking soda treatment which as you all know used to be a part of my weekly regimen on my hair fridays. My hair wasn't terribly harmed by this but it's just the principal of it all! THEN! Oh, then...I allowed my cousin to use a brush to blow dry my hair. (what the hell was I thinking about?!) My ends were so broken off and became so fragile, that the only thing left to do was to cut them off. That's right guys, I had to cut my hair. Anywhere from 1"-2" GONE...on the floor, finito, adios, no more, hasta NEVER EVER AGAIN! I was SO distraught! Here's a few pics. The first if my hair on the floor. It doesn't look like much but it was about 2" off in some spots and no less and 1" anywhere except the front. The second is a shot of my lengthe very next day. *sigh*

See? It looks a bloody mess! However, I can honestly say that it was all a blessing in disguise. My hair did the same crazy mess is did back in march when I first cut it, so I learned that my hair does go into shock after being cut and does a horrible job of holding a curl. However, after a full week (which is about the same length of time it took in March) I can also say that my curls haven't looked this good in a while. Before I show you guys a picture of my hair as of this past Saturday, I want to first get into this product review.

Well, at least for me it did. As stated above, my hair was in shock when I first cut it which is also about the time I gave this sucka a shot. I had a few issue with this product though. One, I had to use entirely too much of it and the bottle is not that big. If this were something I used once or twice a week I'd be buying this about once or twice a month and at $9.99 a pop, I'm sorry I just can't. Not when the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel does a much better job and at a MUCH better price! Two, the texture of it was just way too sticky! I remember reading on naturallycurly.com that with hair types such as mine (3C/4A) heavy creams and puddings work best to style with. This just does not have the correct consistency. I would love to know how this works on maybe a strictly 3 typed hair (i.e. 3A, 3A/3B, 3B/3C) One great thing about this product however is that it contains NO sulfates, silicones, parabens, or mineral or petrolatum oils! Goddess Curls is just one product of an entire line that caters to curly hair. I would love to try their other products some day; but this particular product? On my hair? Oh girl, no!
So as promised here's a shot of my hair from Saturday. This is actually a wash and go from the day before. Ya'll know how I feel about saying wash-and-go when it really aint one though! LOL. I co-washed, styled with my eco styler gel and THEN went! :) The second day i just ran my hands under warm water and gently pressed the water into my hair and gave it a good SHAKE! The first two are from Saturday and the last is from a couple hours ago.

I guess I owe you guys a new length check post as well just to get things back in order.. *sigh*