Product Review: Sabino Moisture Block

So as I said in my previous post, I've recently tried out the breakthrough product Sabino Moisture Block. First I want to warn anyone looking to buy this product about the size. Sabino is not a product meant for heavy handed users. The full size bottle is only 3 fl oz. That's very, very small when looked at in comparison to most other hair product package sizes. However, there is a method to the madness. This small 3 fl oz bottle, if used properly is probably more than enough to last just as long if not longer as your other products that come in other, much larger packages. After taking my twist set out, I used megatek as a protein treatment for about an hour under a plastic cap as I lounged around the house. My hair hadn't really seen it's usual conditioning and moisturizing methods in close to two full weeks and it was beginning to show so the protein treatment really helped out. I the used my handy dandy LeKair Cholesterol conditioner that I'm always raving about to soften my hair up and then rinsed and moved on to the Sabino. I used a little too much and my hair came out sticky and very untouchable. Needless to say I was not happy. For the simple fact that I had promised to give a review I did not immediately sprint for a wash-and-go. Instead, I wore my hair wrapped for the rest of the night, took it down and retouched in the morning and wore it out the next day. It lasted through entire graduation without a hitch which was a definite plus because I HATE being in public and having complete strangers watch my hair expand. #notokay So after graduation, I went home and decided to try out the steam test and see how my hair stood up to the challenge. I must say, my hair stayed straighter than it would have without the product but as far as it being bone straight like the ladies on the video? Negative. It may have something to do with my hair type. The women on the video seemed to have anywhere from type 1 to 3B hair, which absolutely does not apply to me. All in all, I'm still up in the air about this product. I don't really want to continue to test it out because that means using excessive heat on my hair which I absolutely do not plan to do. I'll keep you guys posted though. I hope this helps someone! Until next time ladies, Happy Healthy Hair Growing!


Twist Update

It's been 12 days since I put my twists in and I must say this has been my most successful hairstyle that I've tried out since being fully natural. My twists still look great and with minimal effort! Of course I had to retwist my front once or twice but other than that, the only upkeep maintenance I had to do was wearing a scarf every night and I didn't even do that some nights. (I am not saying it's okay not to wear a scarf, I'm just sayin my twists held it down through all of that! lol) I know I said I was going to try out different styles with my twists but so far it's been the same ole front twist style every day. I think I'd need a bit more length to play around with various styles. All in all, I love this style and I can see it being a regular, especially throughout this summer! I was initially going to go 2-3 week depending on how it held up. While my twists still look great almost two week in, I'm going to take them out and straighten my hair tonight for my University's graduation tomorrow. No, I'm not graduating, but I AM AKApella for anyone who remembers and circle stepping, skee-weeing, and hair swangin' will be in FULL EFFECT tomorrow! I will be using Sabino Moisture Block to straighten and maintain my style so you know what that means! PRODUCT REVIEW on the way! The product claims to keep hair from reverting despite the weather conditions. If you've never heard or seen the claims of the product, here's an example below:


One Year

So last Thursday marked my FIRST YEAR POST RELAXER!!! I can honestly say that it went by rather quickly! I didn't do anything special to my hair on that date but last night I decided to put my hair in a micro twist set using just my hair. I did the set on dry hair using my whipped shea butter that I made a couple months back. Between each section, I also applied megatek to my scalp. In total, it took me about 8 hours with about 2-3 5 minutes breaks in between. My arms were killing me but once I finished the first half I had no choice but to do the second. My advice to anyone attempting to do a twist set like this is to allot at least 1 full day to the process. I started my hair at around 3:30 and didn't finish until almost midnight! If it weren't Sunday, I would have just slapped a bonnet on and finished in the morning! I don't know much about how to care for them, but I do know that they make for a great protective style and I plan to keep them for as long as I can! My minimum goal is at least 2 weeks if I can keep them up for that long. So far what I love most about them is the fact that I have so many styling options. Right now I have the front twisted up and the back is out. I played around with two french braids last night and it was lookin kinda cute, maybe I'll give that a go later on this week. Well, enough wrappin...here are some pictures! Enjoy!