Survey Results

As you should already know, I recently administered a survey here on the blog. (and if you didnt know, scroll down and take it!) That was about two weeks ago. I've read over your responses and I'm ready to address them!

A lot of you asked for tutorials and I'm getting better at that! The main reason I wasn't doing them is because of the bad lighting in my room and the only camera I have is my webcam installed into my 20" screen iMac! In other words, it aint portable! However, you all have asked and I will make it happen! Next, I noticed that a large number of you didn't know that you can follow the blog. Well you can! Just scroll down and look on the left column just above the visitor counter. Following will automatically notify you just as soon as I update! So no more guessing on when I post!

My next tutorial will be on the quick and ridiculously easy muted ponytail...so stay tuned for that! Until next time, Happy Healthy Hair Growing!

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