Sea Salt Curl Enhancer

Hey guys! So I did some digging around and word on the street is that sea salt water is a great, natural way to boost your curls! A lot of natural women rant about how their curls pop when their at the beach and sea salt sprays are where it's at. Now, the women talking about this said their "waves turned to coils" which leads me to believe that their hair type is a lot loser than mine but I'm still willing to give it a try! Be advised though that we also know that salt can erode the hair, which is a bad thing. This is the reason most curlies co-wash after heavy workouts. Maybe the sea salt makes the difference. I'm gonna mix sea salt and water and spritz my hair the next time I wear my fro and keep you all posted! Toodles!

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  1. Have you tried this? What were your results? I've seen a couple of salt sprays... I think Jonathan or John Master's makes an organic one with sea salt if I remember correctly.
    I put a tsp of salt in my DC once and it made my hair feel like silk! Wasn't curlier but definitely extremely smooth.